3 ноября MEDEVAC №525

Радиосеть "Military Auxiliary Radio System"
частота 3308 кГц, J3E/USB.
USAF MARS Region 5

14.50 - 15.05MARS
line 1 17 TMG 776 889
line 2 Sierra 151 / Lima 1
line 3 2 Charlie
line 4 Bravo
line 5 3 Alpha
line 6 Bravo  CONCUSSIONS
line 7 Echo
line 8 Alpha
line 9 Bravo hill and mode

Line 1: Location of pickup site- this is given in an MGRS 6-8 digit grid.
Line 2: Frequency and call-sign at pickup site- this is the frequency and callsign that you will be talking to the incoming MEDEVAC aircraft on. In most cases, this is a predetermined, non-encrypted channel that is set-aside for MEDEVAC. If possible write this on all 9Line cards before the mission.
Line 3: Number of patients by precedence-
A - Urgent (surgical)- i.e. requires the in-flight surgeon to perform surgery while en route to the hospital.
B - Urgent (non-surgical)- the i.e. patient has an arterial bleed that can be stabilized until arriving at the hospital.
C - Priority- i.e. injuries that are not immediately life-threatening but could become fatal eventually.
D - Routine- i.e. patient requires regular medical care, but the unit cannot transport them by their means.
E - Convenience- i.e. nonlife-threatening care provided to personnel in a combat zone.
Line 4: Special Equipment required-
A - None
B - Hoist
C - Extraction Equipment- i.e. jungle penetrator
D - Ventilation
Line 5: Number of Patients by type:
A - Litter- cannot walk on their own
B - Ambulatory- able to self-move to MEDEVAC platform
Line 6: Security of Pickup area-
N - No enemy troops in area
P - Possible enemy troops in area (approach with caution)
E - Enemy troops in area (approach with caution)
X - Enemy troops in area (armed escort required)
Line 7: Method of Marking at pickup site (important: always ensure marking equipment is available to the marking personnel. If you are going to throw purple smoke, ensure you have purple smoke on hand)
A - Panels- i.e. VF-17 panel
B - Pyrotechnical equipment- i.e. pen flare, red star cluster
C - Smoke Signal- (provide smoke color)
D - None
E - Other- i.e. IR flash or beacon
Line 8: Patient Nationality and Status
A - US Military
B - US Civilian
C - Non-US Military
D - Non-US Citizen
Line 9: NBC Contamination
A - Nuclear
B - Biological
C - Chemical *During peacetime provide terrain of pickup site