27 мая - IAM1495 = LEGION 70 = PERSEO 71 - самолёт ДРЛО "Gulfstream G550" CAEW ВВС Италии

27 мая - IAM1495 = LEGION 70 = PERSEO 71 - самолёт ДРЛО "Gulfstream G550" CAEW ВВС Италии

Legion 70 = Perseo 71 =IAM1495 - самолет ДРЛО Италии, Gulfstream Aerospace GV-SP (G550) CAEW № MM62303, serial 5454, вылет с аб Мальборк, ведение разведки.
Power City - AMCC Warszawa (AMCC - Allied Movement Coordination Center)
Pink Dragon -
Potter Cock - CRC Bydgoszcz (Poland)

частота 275.825GV SP CAEW
Power City - Legion 70 do you want keep monitoring this frequency as well
- copiied so far the Timber still sour we are troubleshooting Timber
Power City - Legion 70 Legion is FREE MEN 0730
- Legion is FREE MEN time 0730
- thet affirmative Power City we are on task
- copied stand by for FTM
Pink Dragon - Legion Link

частота 342.57527 may Perseo71
Pink Dragon - Legin Link
Pink Dragon - Legin is FREE MEN FREE MEN now
Pink Dragon - Legin be advise Legion at this moment Timber sour troubleshooting in progress
Pink Dragon - Legin Link be advice Legion is Timber sweet but not receiving your station pleasr check is any station TEL
Pink Dragon - Legin Link confirm your station is TEL
Pink Dragon - Legin Link now holding Timber sweet your station
Potter Cock - Legion 70 weapons radio check
Potter Cock - Legion loud and clear solid with your message we are received the mission briefing from the pilots and we have hole information ... need confirm you will be our weapons manager on this frequency
- copied later please if you can send FTM with area clearance
Pink Dragon - Legion 70 be advise Legion 70 GOLD STAIN time 1520

FREE MEN - on task
GOLD STAIN - off task