13 июля

Радиосеть "Самолетов-разведчиков" частота 8983 кГц, J3E/USB.
B2D - "Орион" Германии 60+06, GNY4501
7MJ - КП управления
7MJ -B2D operation normal at time 1115z in position 037 Ivan 24
7MJ -B2D receive your last task by resume  and request area extention to the west
B2D - 7MJ area to east of 10 east granted

7MJ - B2D for you information my unit ... to execute last task due to limited time ... my unit will proceed inbound ... pass for priority tasking
B2D - 7MJ request off state time
7MJ - B2D will be call you ... off station call